About Razmavaran

Ghiyam ( to stand and be ready)
December 30, 2018

About Razmavaran

Razmavaran sport is a set of innovative body skills useful in case of combat that was founded in the year 1979 in Iran. This sport has dependent characteristics to ancient Iranian sports .
The founder of this sport is the Great Master, Mr. Majid Rajaei who is the head of Razmavaran World Federation and Razmavaran Federation.
The fighters, called Razmavar, are trained to apply hands and feet shot while fighting, self defense techniques, close engagement like wrestling and other fighting ways with one’s arms.
Acquisition of this sport involves different steps. The first seven steps are called Khan and the next ten ones are called Gam which is the translation of steps. Passing each Khan is distinguished by colours of the belts given which are sequentially yellow, green, blue, violet, red, brown and black. Every Razmavar wears a white belt before passing the first Khan and after triumph in the seventh Khan he or she will wear the black belt. If she succeeds in Gam, she will be given a golden band which will be set on their black belts. Sweats of Razmavaran are white and the coaches define their sweats by a black band on their neck and the margin of their trousers.

Master Majid Rajaei
Master Majid Rajaei

The Razmavaran degrees

First khanfrom white belt to yellow beltduring 3 months
Second khanfrom yellow to greenduring 3 months
Third khanfrom green to blueduring 6 months
Fourth khanfrom blue to violetduring 6 months
Fifth khanfrom violet to redduring 9 months
Sixth khanfrom red to brownduring 9 months
Seventh khanfrom brown to blackduring 1 year
First gamblack belt with golden bandduring 1 year
Second gamblack belt with 2 golden bandduring 2 year
Third gamblack belt with 3 golden bandduring 2 year
Forth gamblack belt with 4 golden bandduring 3 year
Fifth gamblack belt with 5 golden bandduring 3 year
Sixth gamblack belt with 6 golden bandduring 4 year
Seventh gamblack belt with 7 golden bandduring 4 year
Eighth gamblack belt with 8 golden bandduring 5 year
Ninth gamblack belt with 9 golden bandduring 5 year
Tenth gamblack belt with 10 golden bandduring 7 year

Various styles of Razmavaran are developed to manifest its spirit of rivalry accompanied by creativity and novelty. One of these styles is Namayeshy (martial maneuver) in which trainees (martial) will have the opportunity to display their complete capacity as a team member or individual, displaying the standard individual and collaborative Fenkol (style) or innovative, dramatic fighting with arms or without arms, breaking concrete via inventive methods. Using any kind of arms is also included in Razmavaran Namayeshy matches. Furthermore, Mobareze (fight) matches are developed in various styles, such as Balkoub, Tamkoub and Peykoub. Persian names are employed to name all the techniques in Razmavaran
in contrast to eastern sports which try to put forward all the articles in a complicated and secret way and spend a long time to train their followers. Razmavaran tries to train the techniques in the easiest ways in the shortest possible time.


The Razmavaran matches will perform several times in different age categories at provincial, country and international level during years. fight do on platform in half meter high and martial mat 8*8 dimensions that is covered by 2 cm mate and the fighting-Namayeshy matches performs on flat in gym suitable for any kind of maneuver.

The Razmavaran match rules

The young matches weigh with age category beginning of 18 to the end of 25 years and adults from beginning of 26 to the end of 40 years is as follow:

Men: -55, -60, -65, -70, -75, -80, -86, -93, -100, +100
Women: -47, -51, -55, -59, -63, -67, -71, -75, -80, +80

The juvenile weigh in matches from beginning of 14 to the end of 17 years.

Men: -38, -42, -46, -50, -55, -60, -65, -70, -75, +75
Women: -38, -41, -44, -47, -50, -54, -58, -63, -68, +68

The minor matches weight from beginning of 10 to end of 13 years.

Men: -25, -28, -31, -35, -39, -43, -47, -51, -55, +55
Women: -30, -33, -36, -39, -42, -46, -50, -54, -58, +58

The time of match is 6 m it performs on 3 rounds in 2 m, in three style of Peykoub, Balkoub and Tamkoub and, between 3 rounds rest 1 m.
-Some situation needs to perform one style in three rounds.
-in lower youth categories it performs in Peykoub style.
-if a fighter can win first and second round successively, the third round doesn’t do
-the judgment does by four persons, the median judge, tow beside judges and one judge head administer.
-if the fighter loss its balance because of rival strike or anti-strike and any points of body except his/her sole contact to ground or fall from platform (exit of play ground) or making pause during matches because of ache and weakness consider pause and median judge cut the match and for pointing the opponent points will count to 10 s.
-if striking a technique need to compact with ground except of sole or losses happen without opponent interrupt have no point although at once show his domination with hand to him/her, in this case it considers a semi technical foot point.
More than 3 s pauses after foot striking to the head consider Peygole points and in other cases consider technical strike. also pauses less than 10 s because of foot strike on head consider technical strike.
-under 10 s pauses because of foot strike to body and opponent foot consider technical foot.
-under 10 s pauses because of hand shot to the any part of rival body to foot strike to the opponent foot will consider semi technical foot.
If a fighter has pauses more than 10 s cannot continue the game and has no permission to participate in match till 30 days and next presence depend on health document.
-by announcing Peygole point the winner will clear and game will end.
-by announcing technical point, a winner of one round will recognized and the same round be over.
Obtaining two semi technical foot is equal to one technical foot and taking 2 technical foot is equal with technical strike (Ko).

The actions cause semi technical foot:
The follow actions if don’t weaken opponent situation for the first time consider warning and for the other times semi technical foot, and if at first time cause the weakness of opponent situation even for the first time consider semi technical foot point.
1- Getting opponent body or cloth in Balkoub and Peykoub style.
2- Pushing opponent
3- don’t attention to the judge order.
4- Hitting to the opponent foot when his/her feet is on the ground in Balkoub And Peykoub styles.
5-acting hand shot successively (it should after 4 hand shot has 3 s pauses or do a foot strike.

The actions that subtract a technical foot point:
3-The hand shot to the back of head
4-Shot rotating and turning edge of fist
5-the palm shot.
6-Elbow strike to the opponent head.
8-hand shot to the opponent head in Peykoub style.
9-Deliberate strike to opponent groin guards.
10-in Tamkoub style when is in getting mood shot any strike to the head and face of opponent.
11-geeting lower part of wrestle in the Tamkoub style when the opponent feet is on the ground.

The actions cause exiting of match:
1- Using psychotropic or physical drugs before or interim mach.
2- Leaving mach
3- Leaving rest place at the resting time
4- Using nutrition except water interim mach
5- Disoblige to judge or opponent doing improper behavior
6- butting, severe foot striking to head, face or sever foot strike to the opponent groin guards or foot caused severe injury that opponent doesn’t able to continue game by judge and doctor idea.

The Razmavaran Centrality

Observantly this sport is innovated in Tehran-Iran ,it’s centrality is in Iran. All the capital of provinces in Iran and deputies in other countries adjusted by different management of there by Razmavaran world federation. At the presence added to Iran in some Asian, European and American countries by the immigrant trainer is educated to the interested and persons who have qualified skills can through reference or correspondence or internet connection to the Razmavaran site receive necessary education.

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